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Alliance for Healing PA is . . .

   A place to transform lives & mend broken hearts.

   A place to be understood & gain the insight to understand.

   A place to deconstruct suffering & build hope and resilience for the future.

   A place to re-vision life & renew the spirit.


Why Therapy?

When tragedy hits us and we are crashed beneath its weight, our way of knowing the world changes dramatically. Even the simplest of life’s daily demands can become difficult.  And even those with a solid sense of direction can become lost in the murk of ambiguity, loss and pain.  It is at these times when we feel least able to handle anything that we need help to get back on track.  Therapy helps us make it through these difficult times.  Therapy helps us find a renewed sense of direction and more clarity in what we need to do to grow, to heal, and to feel whole again.

Managing Overload

Do you live with unrelenting daily demands?  Living with this stress can be debilitating and is likely to impact your relationships as well as your work.  Although stress is part of life, when our bodies are under undue stress they respond through release of hormones, immune responses, and nervous system functioning – basically a complex domino effect that impacts our overall health.

For those who live with ongoing life challenges or demanding health conditions, whether you are a family member or the individual, stress complicates your ability to function and your health. I assist clients in giving focus to life chaos. I have been examining this issue for the past seventeen years and I have developed serious as well as playful ways to assist you as you address your stress.

Inspiring Change

Do you ever wonder "why" or "what did I do to deserve this?"  Or perhaps you live with a situation that people just don’t understand.

Making sense out of the senseless is a need of many of our clients. That is why our therapists uses methods that help move beyond the typical talk that seems so inadequate in trying to explain experiences for which words are not enough. Our Therapists assists you in moving beyond the patterns that consciously or unconsciously act as a block to change. They work as a guide to assist you in meeting your challenges and establishing a more fulfilling way of life.


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