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      Kelly Ryan, MS, LPCC      
      Diane Hovey, PhD                     Kelly Ryan, MS                              Iris  Heieren                    Karen Carlson, CMA
      LMFT, CPT, CSAT                         LPCC                                      LAMFT                   OFFICE MANAGER


Diane Hovey, PhD, LMFT, CPT, CSATDiane Hovey, PhD, LMFT, CPT, CSAT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Certified Biblio/Poetry Therapist
Certified Sex Addiction Therapist

Dr. Diane Hovey works as a guide helping you gain insight necessary to uncovering your personal areas of darkness that block emotional healing and understanding. She works as a marriage and family therapist assisting individuals, families and couples in addressing life altering challenges such as grief, loss, guilt, anxiety, depression, marital problems and other life stressors that impede people’s abilities to navigate the uncertainties of life.  Sometimes families fall apart and need help rebuilding healthy relationships.  Whatever the need, she helps her clients find practical and down to earth ways to address their specific life challenge.  Client goals may include emotional healing, finding understanding, improved communication, clarity of vision, developing more loving relationships or achieving mindfulness in living. 

Dr. Hovey received her Doctor of Philosophy degree in Family Social Science from the University of Minnesota where she studied with leading experts in stress theory. Her research focused on those who live with overwhelming life challenges (disability and chronic illness in the family) and how the resulting stressors impact the meanings that drive behaviors.

Diane also develops and creates therapeutic resources to be used by therapists and individuals to improve their potential for healing and well-being.

Selected Publications

Hovey, D. (2010). When words are not enough: PhotoTherapy Cards™ for youth and adults. St. Paul, MN: aHeARTT Publications
Hovey, D. (2008). Princess Sophia's Gifts
Hovey, D. (2007). They said we'd know in one year. In Layers of Possibility: Healing Poetry. M. Sluytman (Ed).
Hovey, D. (2006).  Below the tip of the iceberg: a poetry therapy workbook for child with special health needs.
Hovey, D. Editor (2001 – 2007). The Muse.
Patterson, J. & Hovey, D. (2000).  Family–centered care for children with special health needs: Rhetoric or reality. 
Family Systems & Health.           
Hovey, D. (2000).  Parents as partners in the transition process.  Impact. Institute on Community Integration,
University of Minnesota.


Selected Conference Presentation Topics:

  • When words are not enough
  • Chronic Illness and What it Can Do for You – Weaving Gold Out of Straw
  • Healthy Marriages Journey Guide: Especially for Parents Who Have Children with Special Needs
  • Illuminating the Fog, Family Connections: When Children Have Special Needs
  • Once Upon A Time: Exploring Creative Ways to Grow Through Grief and Build New Visions
  • Immeasurable Order in Chaos:  Poetry Therapy with Hospitalized Youth and Their Families
  • Reflective Practice & Care of the Soul
  • Building a Place of Acceptance for Children with Special Health Care Needs
  • Creativity:  A Family Technique for Weaving Gold Out of Straw
  • Creativity and Healing:  Understanding Meaning that Shape Decisions
  • Giving Focus to Chaos – the Power of Creativity in Healing
  • The Power of Creativity & Family in Shaping the Future
  • Family-Centered Care
  • Deep "C" Diving: Family Meanings of Disability
  • Uncovering Meanings Utilizing the Poetic and the Visual:  Understanding families who have children with serious ongoing health conditions 
  • If a Picture's Worth a Thousand Words... :  Artistic modes of scientific inquiry in understanding parent's meanings of serious ongoing health conditions
  • When the Political Agenda Sets Your Execution Date:  Families of Children with Disabilities
  • Disability: Stress, Stigma, and Perceptions


Certifications & Licensure

LMFT: Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #1967 -- MN Board of Marriage and Family Therapy
CPT: Certified Biblio/Poetry Therapist #2007105 - Federation for Biblio/Poetry Therapy
CSAT: Certified Sex Addiction Therapist # 2012C-1467 - International Institute for Trauma & Addiction Professionals
Eagala Certified: Equine Assisted Therapy #17117 - The Equine Assisted Growth & Learning Association

Specialized Training

Comprehensive Clinical Neurofeedback  training - EEG info

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Kelly Ryan, MS, LPCC


Kelly Ryan, MS, LPCCLicensed Professional Counselor 

Getting started is often the hardest part of any process, and that can certainly be the case in therapy. I hope to ease any uncertainties you may have about the therapy process and trusting that a new therapist will understand and can help. I work hard to make therapy a positive, fulfilling experience and will move at the pace you are comfortable with. My purpose is to listen to you, understand what you are going through, and help you navigate the path toward emotional wellness.

You have unlimited potential and I can help you unlock it to get to the place you want to be in life. I believe that you ultimately hold the answers to your emotional wellness and I can guide you along that path and help you navigate life's barriers.

I have 20 years of related experience in the field and specialize in individual therapy (adults and adolescents), family therapy, parenting skills, trauma, crisis intervention, art therapy, and neurofeedback. I have a structured, hands-on approach that will give you the tools to integrate the therapeutic benefits into your daily life.

Contact our office at 651-493-8150 or email today to start your emotional wellness and healing today!


Certifications & Licensure

LPCC: Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor #1272 -- Minnesota Board of Behavorial Health and Therapy

Certified Skills System Coach

Specialized Training

Comprehensive Clinical Neurofeedback  training - EEG info
Art Therapy

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Iris Heieren, MS, LAMFT


Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist 

Albert Einstein is credited with the saying that it is impossible to solve a problem from within the same consciousness that created it. We can sabotage our own best interests or struggle with defensive routines that can blind us to our own thinking. Chronic anxiety can reduce our abilities over time and erode strengths. Many grew up in dysfunctional families that carry a legacy of confusion and family pain. They suffer from fear, anger, hurt, distrust, loneliness, sadness, shame, guilt, or numbness and struggle with the ability to have fun, or be emotionally intimate with others.

I will work with you to help you to surface assumptions, access strengths, and embrace often slumbering intuition. I provide individual counseling to help move effectively beyond self-defeating habits to a more rewarding, satisfying life while gaining awareness and skills. In marriage counseling and family therapy I will work with you to help you break out of old patterns to communicate and work together more effectively or to avoid replicating patterns in future relationships. I am certified in Prepare & Enrich (Life Innovations), designed to provide feedback to couples intending to get married or for those who want more information regarding their current relationship.


Certifications & Licensure

LAMFT: Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #3642 -- MN Board of Marriage and Family Therapy


Specialized Training

Comprehensive Clinical Neurofeedback  training - EEG info

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Karen Carlson, CMA


Karen Carlson, CMACertified Medical Assistant

I bring many years of multifaceted experience to Alliance for Healing PA. I have a professional background as an AAMA certified medical assistant and patient advocacy. I have a background in office management and training. Through my informational technology background, I was trained in networking, website development, and electronic medical records and practice management.

I’ve been a part of the Alliance for Healing PA team since December of 2013.  I am a mother of three daughters, who are very active in our community with different sports and activities. I am actively serving as a director of Coon Rapids Junior Royalty and fundraiser of the Coon Rapids Fastpitch Association. I am very active with my family and our community, but love every moment of it!

I understand the importance of patient privacy as well as provide a safe office setting for our patients to come to. I hope to provide a friendly and respectful atmosphere for our patients. There is a sense of community within our office which allows all of us to be approachable not only to each other but to our patients as well. I love being part of the team here and know you will too!


Certified Medical Assistant (AAMA)/#47112

Specialized Training

Certificate-Computer Help Desk Specialist
Certificate-Network Support & Administration  
Certificate-Business Generalist
BS-Business Degree
BS-Informational Technology
AAS-Medical Assistant

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